Skilled and experienced bulk-handling specialists

To provide first-class service, innovative products and market-leading project delivery to our customers, Portasilo employs highly experienced specialists who bring our core values (Innovation, Commitment, Integrity and Teamwork) to life in everything they do. We are only as strong as our people, that is our ethos

We provide customers with innovative bulk-handling solutions ………..

Developed by teams of people committed to optimising your processes, increasing productivity, improving safety and efficiency, and reducing costs.

The skills and expertise of our people are the core of our innovative approach to  fulfilling every customer demand. As strong advocates of UK manufacturing, we invest heavily in apprenticeships, helping to nurture the next generation of talented engineers to continue the tradition of manufacturing excellence at Portasilo.

Working alongside our apprentices are dedicated and knowledgeable engineers with many years’ experience, backed by a host of supporting professionals, from customer services and bulk-handling design experts to sales, accounts and marketing specialists.   

Every Portasilo project is characterised by the values of:


  • Working together to succeed
  • We promote a culture of empowerment and trust
  • Everyones opinion is listened to and respected
  • We are encouraged to take the opportunity to develop and achieve our potential
  • We share our knowledge and experience


  • Putting our hearts and minds into everything we do
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We recognise and celebrate success
  • We all take ownership of everything we do
  • We go the extra mile in supporting our colleagues and customers


  • Keeping our promises
  • We operate as a fair and ethical business
  • We actively promote a safe, healthy and diverse working culture
  • We treat everyone as we would want to be treated


  • Creative in our approach
  • We have a culture which encourages new ideas
  • We are flexible, responsive and open to change
  • We are dedicated to working with our customers to find a solution to their needs
  • We explore new opportunities to keep our business successful

Every project is characterised by integrity, commitment and innovation; in our attention to detail, adherence to ethical and safety standards, and dedication to delivering quality-assured, fully compliant systems that meet your needs precisely. 



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