Versatile bulk storage and handling systems for diverse market applications

Unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the requirements for many markets

With more than 60 years’ experience in manufacturing bespoke storage and handling systems for every type of dry bulk material, Portasilo has a solution for many diverse sectors.

  • For the Food sector, we understand the importance of optimising productivity, while eliminating waste and minimising downtime. We can provide systems to handle all types of dry foodstuff, from dusty granules to moist pelletised products.
  • Our solutions for the Water industry provide efficient and effective handling for all powdered products used in water treatment. We can supply ATEX-rated equipment for explosive polymers, sealed moisture-controlled systems for hygroscopic materials and controlled discharge systems for free-flowing materials like PAC.
  • Material handling requirements for the Energy industry are constantly changing as new biofuels and sustainable technologies come onto the market. Portasilo systems are also moving with the times to provide the safe, efficient handling systems required for every type of plant.
  • For the Nuclear energy industry we design and manufacture safe, secure systems to provide stable environments for materials such as cement, pulverised fly ash, blast furnace slag, magnetite and iron oxide.
  • Our materials-handling experience in the Chemicals sector spans paint powders, sealants and adhesives, fertilisers, petrochemicals, plastics and rubbers.
  • We also have a long track record of designing and manufacturing bulk-handling systems for the Construction industry, offering robust, efficient and reliable storage and handling for materials such as gypsum, cement, sand and ferrous sulphate.

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The engineering solution was better than other companies who were up for tendering. Installation has gone with no hitches and it was a difficult installation for anyone

Our markets

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Optimum powder-handling systems for water-treatment plants

Nuclear Sector

Safe, efficient installation on sensitive nuclear sites

Food Sector

Economical systems to optimise productivity and minimise waste

Chemical Sector

Bulk handling solutions for challenging and hazardous chemicals

Bespoke systems for complex and volatile biofuels

Construction Sector

Robust, long-life storage and handling for construction industry materials

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