Low-abrasion, low-velocity, automatically adjusted dense-phase conveying

A range of dense phase solutions from Portasilo, including our leading Superflo product.

Dense-phase conveying uses high-pressure air to move dense ‘plugs’ of material along your conveying lines at low velocity, causing minimal abrasion and degradation to the product. It is a versatile system, suitable for handling a wide range of materials.

The advanced Portasilo Superflo dense-phase pneumatic conveyor features a unique online airflow monitoring system and in-built blending capacity. It conveys materials at higher pressure than traditional dense-phase conveyors. 
The sophisticated monitoring system constantly evaluates the effectiveness of the conveying process and automatically adjusts the system to ensure optimum performance at all times. The in-built blending capability enables Superflo conveyors to handle either single materials or a blend of materials over a range of 350m at a rate of up to 100tph. The system has a design life in excess of 1.5 million cycles, which is typically 30 years under normal operational conditions. Superflo conveying systems can be manufactured in either stainless or carbon steel, depending on the nature of your material.

Dense-phase conveyor benefits:

  • Low abrasion and velocity – minimising degradation
  • Versatile system – suitable for handling multiple materials
  • In-vessel material blending – for improved process efficiency
  • Online airflow control – to optimise conveyor performance
  • Design life of 1.5 million cycles – for guaranteed long-life performance
  • Continuous conveying – using twin vessels or lock hopper
  • Low-maintenance system – minimal moving parts reducing the yearly cost of ownership


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