Clean, safe and environmentally friendly pneumatic conveying systems

Our bespoke range of pneumatic conveying systems includes the advanced Superflo dense-phase, plus lean-phase pressure and vacuum conveying systems,.

Portasilo offers an unrivalled choice of energy efficient pneumatic conveying systems, suitable for handling a whole range of bulk materials. Pneumatic conveying is a flexible, versatile solution when you need to move materials over long distances with numerous changes in direction. You can choose from lean-phase pressure / vacuum system or dense-phase, all of which are fully enclosed for a dust-free environment, providing clean, safe transfer of toxic, combustible or otherwise hazardous materials.

Dense-phase conveying

This conveying method transfers ‘plugs’ of material slowly along conveying lines at a steady rate with minimal aeration. It’s ideal for carefully conveying abrasive materials or products that easily degrade, such as sugar. The Portasilo Superflo dense-phase pneumatic conveyor features a unique online airflow monitoring system, which constantly evaluates the conveying process and makes adjustments for optimum performance. An in-built blending capacity enables it to handle single materials or a blend of materials over a range of 350m.

Lean-phase pressure conveying

Lean-phase pneumatic conveying is used to blow materials at high velocity and offers maximum flexibility in conveying rates. It is the ideal choice for conveying materials with varying particle size, shape or density. Each system is tailor-made to meet individual requirements, providing optimum operating conditions and ease of maintenance. Lean-phase systems have lower capital costs than dense-phase systems and are economical to run.

Lean-phase vacuum conveying

Vacuum conveying systems are individually designed using standard modular components to suit your specific material characteristics. Our systems are manufactured from stainless steel, carbon steel or a combination of aluminium and stainless steel, depending on your requirements. Versatile vacuum systems are the ideal solution for conveying for free-flowing, cohesive or combustible products.


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