Portasilo manufactures and installs an extensive range of effective, efficient and versatile silo discharge systems, including rotary, vibratory and aeration systems to suit all types of material.

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Dischargers designed for optimum silo emptying

Our unrivalled range of dischargers is designed to fulfil the diverse requirements of customers in all market sectors, from food and energy to water and chemicals. Our advanced dischargers are the culmination of half a century of expertise in designing and building effective bulk storage and handling systems for every type of dry bulk material, from free-flowing powders to fibrous and explosive materials. 

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Rotoflo – The ultimate controllable, accurate, adaptable discharger

The Rotoflo mechanical discharger represents one of the most versatile and accurate silo-emptying systems on the market. It offers a highly controlled, reliable means of discharging difficult materials from silos. It is designed to promote efficient outflow at a controlled rate, while minimising preferential flow and preventing the formation of stagnant zones in the silo.

Rotoflo - Mechanical Discharge

Mechanical Dischargers

Portasilo has a range of discharge devices that ensure a controlled discharge suitable for a wide range of materials.

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Vibratory Discharge & Dense Phase Conveying

Vibratory Dischargers

Portasilo has an efficienct and highly reliable range of vibratory dischargers

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Range of vibratory dischargers

Aeration Dischargers

Portasilo provide a cost effective range of Siloflo aeration discharge systems

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