Cost-effective, low-maintenance, reliable silo dischargers

Portasilo provide a cost effective range of Siloflo aeration discharge systems

The Portasilo range of Siloflo aeration discharge systems offers a cost-effective and reliable method of discharging dry materials that fluidise with the injection of air.

Siloflo systems offer a discharge solution with low operational and maintenance costs. Externally mounted Siloflo aeration pads can easily be retrofitted to existing silos and hoppers, with options available to suit a range of dry foodstuffs and high-temperature applications.

For larger silos, fabricated steel fluidisation pads are available in a range of sizes up to 300mm x 1,800mm. These can be supplied with a permeable plate material appropriate for the properties of your material.

In addition to Siloflo pads, complete Siloflo cones and bases are available in a range of sizes and designs. You can choose a polyester or a stainless steel porous plate material, depending on the material being handled.

Aeration discharger benefits:

  • Low running costs – energy-efficient operation
  • Low maintenance – with long-life performance
  • Easy to retrofit – simple installation of externally mounted pads
  • Easy to maintain – with access from outside the silo
  • Flush fitting – no obstructions on the internal silo surface
  • Extensive range of assembly options – to suit any silo configuration


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