Controllable discharge of difficult materials

Portasilo has a range of discharge devices that ensure a controlled discharge suitable for a wide range of materials.

Portasilo mechanical dischargers provide efficient, consistent, controlled discharge of materials from your storage vessels. The range of advanced dischargers available provides effective silo-emptying system for every type of dry bulk material, from free-flowing powders to cohesive and fibrous materials.

You can choose mechanical dischargers in either carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the demands of your industry.

1) Rotoflo – accurate, fully controlled discharge

Rotoflo is an advanced, market-leading discharge system offering a versatile, efficient, smooth-running solution to the problems of discharging difficult materials from silos. Rotoflo effectively and easily discharges all types of powders and granules – including very cohesive or fibrous materials. It can be supplied with multiple outlets to feed different processes. Active shut-off gates allow easy maintenance, even when the silo is full. A range of outlet valve sizes are available, offering discharge rates from less than 1m3 to more than 160m3 per hour. For retrofit projects, where height is at a premium, the low-profile Rotoflo discharger is the perfect solution.

2) Osciflo – adjustable, controllable discharge systems

Osciflo dischargers offer a gentle, controlled and adjustable discharging solution. Materials are fed through a series of oscillating square-section bars, which regulate the material flow into the screw feeder section of the feeder.  The discharge rate to can be varied simply by varying the speed of the drive unit. The oscillating section also acts as an effective shut-off gate.

3) Augerflo (screw dischargers) – efficient discharge of varied materials

Available in single, twin or multiple screw formats, Portasilo Augerflo screw dischargers are designed to handle a wide range of materials. They can help achieve mass flow discharge from silos and bins when used in conjunction with the correct silo geometry.

Mechanical discharger benefits:

  • Controlled discharge – over a wide range of throughputs
  • Sealed and dust-free units – for compliance with ATEX regulations
  • Complete silo emptying – eliminating dead storage areas, increasing effective capacity
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials – including fine powders, particulates and even high moisture content products
  • Easy to retrofit – low headroom and simple flanged connections
  • No vibration – avoids material compaction and eliminates fatigue failures


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