Individually designed silos for your material and site

Portasilo offer a unique range of tailored storage solutions for powdered materials

Whatever type of dry bulk material you need to store, Portasilo can design a bespoke silo to meet your precise needs. Taking into account the specific properties and storage requirements of your material, we will design a safe, secure silo with the optimum geometry to suit your process requirements. This may include “Mass Flow” discharge design if appropriate. We can develop silos to store every bulk material from hydroscopic foodstuffs and volatile chemicals to fine dusty powders, fibrous materials or cohesive sludges.

1) Shop-built silos – ready for rapid installation

Our skilled engineers can fabricate complete, ready-to-install storage bins and silos up to 4.6 metres in diameter in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These shop-built silos are designed to your specifications and fully fabricated in our factory, ready for delivery in one piece by road. Once on site they are quickly and easily installed and commissioned ready for use.

2) Site-built silos – up to 5,000m3 capacity

If you need higher-capacity silos, Portasilo has the unique capability to manufacture storage vessels up to 15 metres in diameter. These silos offer capacities up to 5,000m3 or 5,000 tonnes, and are manufactured in sections in our factory. The separate sections are then transported to your site, where they are quickly and easily connected and assembled to create the final high-capacity storage vessel.

All silos are fully compatible with our complete range of Dischargers, Conveyors and ancillary equipment, such as Weighing and Dosing systems.


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