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When India’s largest paint company demanded a bespoke solution and a supplier experienced in handling difficult materials – the search led them to the industry experts, Portasilo Bulk Handling Systems.


When India’s largest paint company wanted to build a major new paint manufacturing facility in Sriperumbudur near Chennai, the company searched for leading experts in the design and build of bespoke bulk-handling systems. It also needed a supplier experienced in handling difficult materials such as paint powders and one that could provide a complete turn-key package. It needed a supplier whose expertise it could trust to deliver the optimum solution and to get the plant operational on schedule. Its search led the company to Portasilo Bulk Handling Systems.
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The company had a clear vision for its extensive new plant, which would be built in three phases, eventually achieving a total output of 150,000kl per year. Portasilo, the UK’s leading bulk storage and handling systems specialist,was contracted to design,manufacture, deliver, install and commission the complete powder-handling system for the plant.

Portasilo specialists worked closely with the customer to design the handling and storage systems for phase one, allowing provision for future expansion in phases two and three. Portasilo then worked with local manufacturers, project managers, civil engineers and installation teams to manufacture, deliver and install seven 180m3 silos for powder storage, along with associated pneumatic conveying systems, weigh hoppers and charge bins.

Portasilo supervised the fabrication of the large silos by local Indian manufacturers, while highly specialised Portasilo components were brought in from the UK. These included the unique, market-leading Portasilo Rotoflo discharger, which was fitted to every silo, guaranteeing an accurate and fully controllable flow of material from the silos into the batch weigh hoppers.

Powdered material is delivered to the plant in large bags (FIBCs) or sacks and Portasilo provided the pneumatic conveying equipment required to transfer the powder from the bagemptying station to either the silos or directly to the charge bins. The complete state-of-the-art handling and storage system was delivered and installed on schedule by Portasilo, creating a plant with a production capacity of 35,000kl per year. Following the success of phase one, Portasilo was commissioned to deliver the second phase.

Phase two involved the provision of five more 180m3 silos and two further charge bins, bringing the plant’s production capacity up to 50,000kl a year. From day one, all equipment delivered in both phases achieved the outputs specified by the client, thanks to the tireless efforts of Portasilo to ensure that the systems installed were right, first time.

Just 12 months after the completion of phase two, Portasilo was called in to start work on phase three, which would increase the plant’s production to the target level of 150,000kl. Some 14 silos of 200m3, plus four 350m3 silos were installed, each fitted with Rotoflo dischargers feeding seven weigh hoppers. A clear benefit of the Rotoflo dischargers is that they have a multiple discharge capability, allowing the weigh hoppers to be filled from several different silos at once with the multiple ingredients required for paint production.

In addition, Portasilo is building a specially designed tipping frame to enable ISO containers to be parked, tipped and unloaded at the Sriperumbudur plant. Currently, because containers cannot be tipped on site, all material has to be delivered in FIBCs or sacks. The ability to unload the containers by tipping will mean that they can be filled directly with bulk material and offloaded at a much more efficient rate into the storage silos.

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