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Shells Bacton terminal, is a large Gas terminal on the North Norfolk Coast. Shell have been operating at Bacton since the plant was developed in the late 1960’s


As part of an upgrade to its gas terminal at Bacton, Shell needed a new storage and conveying system to feed sodium carbonate into its mixing processes for acid neutralisation. The new system was to be located in an ATEX-rated gas zone, and so needed to comply with all relevant safety regulations.


Portasilo supplied a 75m3 capacity storage silo, with an inlet designed to accept deliveries from pressurised road tankers. The silo was fitted with all essential safety systems to prevent over-pressurisation and dust emissions, including silo fill panels, auto shut-off valves, pressure-relief valves and filter venting units.

The 3.5-metre diameter silo was manufactured in one piece at the Portasilo factory and fitted out with all ancillary equipment prior to delivery. This reduced disruption to plant operations during installation and minimised the amount of on-site work required in this sensitive area of the plant.

Material was discharged from the silo at a controlled rate using a 250mm-wide augerflo screw discharger, feeding into a 4.5-metre long screw conveyor. This provided a controllable transfer of material into a weigh hopper at a rate of five tonnes per hour. The weigh hopper was fitted with load cells, specified to achieve an accuracy of +/- 5%. The system is used to weigh batches of sodium carbonate ready for emptying directly into the client’s existing mixing tank, as required.

The entire system was designed to comply with ATEX regulations to protect against the risk of explosions.

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