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Hanson is delighted with the new facility, which is now fully operational and supplying concrete to the major Wood Wharf development. Personally, I am very happy with the Portasilo relationship. They adapted the Korsor to meet the exact requirements laid down by Hanson, drawing on their previous experience of using the plant at Canary Wharf, making significant improvements to the original design.


The Korsor is a huge, floating, pontoon-mounted concrete plant, originally built by Hanson in 2000 for the Canary Wharf development. After completion of this project, the Korsor was moored by the Thames for more than three years, until a new development at nearby Wood Wharf called for it to be brought out of retirement. Hanson called in CAM Project Management, who had managed the original build, to get the plant operational again.


CAM Project Management asked Portasilo Bulk Handling Systems, suppliers of the original silos and transfer systems, to asses the condition of the plant and suggest a programme of works to get it back in working order.

Portasilo conducted a detailed investigation of the plant and came up with a solution that involved refurbishing the four existing silos, replacing some of the pipes, valves and filters, reorganising the delivery lines and installing new screw conveyors to replace the original pneumatic transfer system.

Derek Smith of CAM Project Management, says: “Having worked with Portasilo over many years, I know I can trust their specialists to give honest advice and come up with the best solution. What’s more, I know they will get the job done on time – which is absolutely invaluable for a project manager.”

The Korsor accommodates three 100-tonne silos and a single 200-tonne silo, all used for storing cementitious products. Originally, the largest silo was an overflow buffer silo, which fed the three smaller silos by means of pneumatic blowers. Hanson decided that, to give them the flexibility to use all four silos for Case Study Customer: Hanson Concrete Location: Wood Wharf, London storing different products, the 200-tonne silo should become another principal storage unit. To facilitate this, Portasilo designed tandem screw conveyors that could transfer material from the large silo directly into cement weigh hoppers.

Further modifications were required to the tanker delivery system. Originally, tankers had to mount the barge to offload their concrete. The new position of the Korsor at Wood Wharf meant that deliveries could now be taken from tankers parked on dry land, reducing congestion on the pontoon itself. Again, Portasilo came up with a sophisticated delivery system, with pipes that could be extended out to reach tankers on the dockside and folded away when not in use. These pipes were designed by Portasilo to cope with any rolling movements of the pontoon when they were connected to a tanker.

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