Energy from Waste Solutions for waste receipt & storage, flue gas treatment and residue handling

Portasilo has more than 20 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining material handling systems for Energy-from-Waste and Power plants in the UK and globally, to find out more click here to download our reference list click here. Our expertise is handling materials within power generation, incineration, gasification and pre-treatment plants, specifically in the fuel reception, storage, flue-gas treatment and residue handling and treatment.

Our experience of handling complex and potentially volatile materials, including biofuels is industry leading, we are notable experts in handling fly ash, bottom ash, sorbents and air pollution control, as well as a range of fuel types including refuse derived fuel (RDF), solid recovered fuel, (SRF) to find out more click here and download our reference list.

We can devise bespoke storage and handling systems for a whole range of waste to energy sector applications, including chemical and fuel-injection systems, dust filtration and biomass handling and are specialists in supplying handling systems for combined heat and power plants, biomass conversions, mechanical biological treatment for both power to grid and power to plant processes.

Our safe storage, controllable discharge, efficient conveying and accurate dosing systems have been applied within the energy sector for many of the leading blue chip companies to see full list of reference sites click here. Your system will be designed to safely and efficiently handle the unique properties of your material, no matter how dusty, explosive, cohesive or free-flowing.


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Our Customers

01 Drax

A major project to convert three of Drax’s six generating units to burn biomass required investment of around £700m in vast new biomass receipt, storage and handling facilities and in modifications to the three generating units.

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02 Ferrybridge Power Station

Keen to increase the proportion of biomass used in its boilers at Ferrybridge Power Station, Scottish and Southern Energy wanted to introduce state-of-the-art burners and automated handling systems to store and convey wood pellets around the plant.

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03 Dalkia Utilities

Diageo's distillery at Cameronbridge is the largest in Scotland – and with the commissioning of their new bio-energy facility, they believe it will also be one of the most environmentally sustainable in the world.

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04 Scottish & Newcastle

Scottish & Newcastle’s breweries in Manchester and Tadcaster required material handling systems for new biomass boiler installations at each site

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The Drax biomass conversion project is complex; it’s not simply a matter of swapping one fuel for another. Selecting the right partners for the job was critical


Wood pellets Dried sewerage SRF wood chip Meat and bone meal Draff
Chopped straw Wood dust Charcoal Biosolids Chaff

Types of solutions

  • Biomass
  • Biofuels
  • Gasification
  • Incineration
  • Mechanical Biological Treatment
  • Fuel injection
  • Ash handling
  • Storage
  • Conveying
  • Dosing
  • Dust filtration

Our value

In the fast-moving energy sector, material handling requirements are constantly changing, with new biofuels coming onto the market and energy generators adapting to more sustainable technologies. By providing a complete turn-key solution to the energy and waste to energy industry, Portasilo takes care of everything from system design and manufacturing to installation, commissioning and on-going servicing.  Our installation teams are experienced in setting up complete bulk-handling systems while causing minimal disruption to busy operational plants. Off-site manufacturing of the silos and handling systems means that on-site build times are drastically reduced, enabling you to continue with business as usual.

Benefits at a glance

  • Unrivalled experience – 60 years in material handling and more than 20 years in energy-from-waste systems.
  • Cost-effective solutions – working with you to apply our process knowledge to reduce capital costs.
  • Turn-key solutions – for all waste receipt and storage, flue-gas treatment and residue handling systems.
  • Programme efficiency – our understanding of materials and processes reduces programme time and takes projects off the critical path.
  • Market leading material understanding – removing risk

The advanced system devised by Portasilo fulfils our requirements and is currently delivering increased volumes of biomass into our new burners

Example customers

Wood pellets - Biomass Conversion

Biomass conversion

Biomass, Bio solids, Draff, Chaff, Charcoal

Chopped Straw

Wood dust


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