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Scottish & Newcastle’s breweries in Manchester and Tadcaster required material handling systems for new biomass boiler installations at each site. Both plants would be handling wood chips to feed the new boilers, and Tadcaster would also be handling spent grains, a waste product from the brewing process.


Portasilo was awarded the contract to design, supply, install and commission the materials-handing systems at the two plants.

An identical wood-chip handling system was devised for both breweries. This comprised a vehicle-reception unit, where wood chip was unloaded into a mechanical conveying system feeding two new 300m3 silos. This conveying system consisted of screw and belt conveyors, overband magnet for ferrous removal, a screening system to filter out oversized items and bucket elevators.

The two silos are flat bottomed and fitted with a hydraulic driven rotating screw discharger which constantly sweeps material from the floor of the silo and discharges it via a central outlet into a mechanical conveyor feeding the boiler.

In addition, at the Tadcaster Brewery, Portasilo supplied a handling system for wet spent grain. This product was collected from the site’s two Lauter Tuns and pumped into two new, cleanable 70-tonne spent grain silos. From here, the material is discharged into a horizontal screw conveyor for feeding either road tankers to take the material away for animal feed, or on-site water presses. From the presses, the material is pneumatically conveyed into the wood chip silos that feed the biomass boiler.

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