Advanced solutions for optimum bulk-handling system efficiency, productivity and performance

Portasilo specialises in devising materials-handling solutions that optimise efficiency and productivity, while minimising downtime and costs at your plant – for improved profitability. Our speciality is using our expertise to optimise your bulk-handling systems, reducing waste and enabling materials to be stored and transported around your plant consistently, reliably and at a rate that meets the needs of your processes.

Our Solutions

01 Increase Production

Portasilo can help to improve productivity at your plant in a whole range of ways, from adding extra storage and conveying capacity through to increasing the throughput and efficiency of your existing equipment.

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02 Increase Efficiency

Improving the efficiency of an existing storage and handling plant – or designing a new plant for optimum efficiency – means eliminating blockages, promoting smooth, reliable material flow, and ensuring material is delivered at the desired rate into the next stage of processing.

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03 Turnkey Solution

Portasilo offers a complete package of products and services, giving you a single supplier for your entire project. As well as manufacturing and supplying all the storage vessels, dischargers, conveyors and other equipment you need, Portasilo will design, deliver, install and commission your complete bulk storage and handling system.

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04 Materials

Portasilo can devise efficient, effective bulk-handling systems for every type of dry bulk material. We have built up a vast database of dry bulk materials, with detailed information on the properties of each.

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05 Removing System Downtime

Creating efficient, reliable bulk storage and handling systems, designed specifically for the properties of your materials, Portasilo helps to optimise your productivity and minimise the risk of disruptive blockages and other handling problems.

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06 Design

The technical expertise, flexibility and ingenuity of the Portasilo design and engineering teams enable us to create bulk storage and handling systems that are tailored precisely to your needs.

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07 Test Centre

Portasilo can design the most efficient bulk-handling systems for difficult, lesser known or unusual grades of material, we have an advanced test centre where material properties and characteristics can be analysed in scientific detail.

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Portasilo delivered what they said and provided back up with no problems. The after-sales support has been excellent and they responded to any issues that we had.

By Sector


Specialists in optimising productivity and minimising waste, experience in supplying economical, ATEX-rated food handling systems. We can design systems to handle every type of foodstuff, from dusty granules to moist pelletised products.

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Portasilo manufactures storage and handling systems for every dry bulk material used for water treatment, from hydrated lime and powder activated carbon (PAC) to polymers and soda ash.

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We have experience of handling every type of biomass material, including wood pellets, dried sewage sludge, meat and bone meal, draff, chopped straw and charcoal.

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Bulk handling solutions for challenging and hazardous chemicals. Specific expertise in paint powders, sealants & adhesives, fertilisers, petrochemicals, plastics and rubbers.

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The types of material we handle for this sector include iron oxide, magnetite, cement, pulverised fly ash, blast furnace slag and have particular expertise in encapsulation and grout handling.

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For more than six decades, Portasilo has been designing and manufacturing robust, durable and versatile storage and handling systems for a wide range of building products for the construction, mining and quarrying industries.

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Turn-key solutions for every stage of your project

We achieve this by offering a complete turn-key packages of services, from conceptual design through precision-manufacturing and installing your systems to final commissioning and on-going after-sales services. Every stage of your project is overseen, coordinated and managed by an experienced Project Manager, taking a weight off your shoulders and giving you the assurance that your project will be delivered on time, to budget and in line with all your performance criteria.


Portasilo delivered what they said and provided back up with no problems. The after-sales support has been excellent and they responded to any issues that we had.

Unrivalled materials-handling capabilities and experience

Portasilo has unrivalled experience in handling a diverse range of materials for a wide range of industries, including the food, water, energy, construction, chemicals and nuclear sectors. No material is too challenging for our design expertise and handling equipment. Any unfamiliar or challenging materials can be fully analysed in our laboratory and test centre to ensure we devise the optimum handling solution for every single project.

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