Optimise plant productivity by minimising waste and maximising capacity and throughput

Portasilo can help to improve productivity at your plant in a whole range of ways, from adding extra storage and conveying capacity through to increasing the throughput and efficiency of your existing equipment.

Proposals based on detailed plant audits

Our bulk-handling specialists will carry out an audit of your site to assess where improvements can be made, identifying any inefficiencies or areas where equipment is not performing at optimum levels. Based on this assessment, we recommend modifications, adjustments or new kit to optimise your productivity and increase output. 

Examples of improvements offered

1) Improving silo capacity and discharge efficiency

Modifications might include widening the outlets of your silos to improve flow and prevent stagnant material from collecting and causing core flow. The aim of our silo discharge solutions is to promote mass flow. This can be achieved using mechanical dischargers, such as the Rotoflo, which scoop material from the perimeter of the silo outlet, encouraging material to flow along the silo walls. This effect can be enhanced by retrofitting Siloflo aeration pads to keep the material moving.

2) Increasing conveying efficiency

Conveying systems can be improved to increase throughput by changing the configuration of mechanical conveyors or improving flow rates over longer distances using pneumatic conveying systems.

3) Optimising production for new or existing plants 

Whether you need to improve or expand an existing plant to increase capacity, or construct complete new bulk storage and handling systems, Portasilo expertise, products and resources will ensure you optimise the productivity of your plant – whatever your material.

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By sector


We have experience of handling every type of biomass material, including wood pellets, dried sewage sludge, meat and bone meal, draff, chopped straw and charcoal.

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Chemical Sector


Bulk handling solutions for challenging and hazardous chemicals. Specific expertise in paint powders, sealants & adhesives, fertilisers, petrochemicals, plastics and rubbers.

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Nuclear Sector


The types of material we handle for this sector include iron oxide, magnetite, cement, pulverised fly ash, blast furnace slag and have particular expertise in encapsulation and grout handling.

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Construction Sector


For more than six decades, Portasilo has been designing and manufacturing robust, durable and versatile storage and handling systems for a wide range of building products for the construction, mining and quarrying industries.

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Food Sector


Specialists in optimising productivity and minimising waste, experience in supplying economical, ATEX-rated food handling systems. We can design systems to handle every type of foodstuff, from dusty granules to moist pelletised products.

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Water icon


Portasilo manufactures storage and handling systems for every dry bulk material used for water treatment, from hydrated lime and powder activated carbon (PAC) to polymers and soda ash.

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