Full-scale test rig and laboratory facilities for advanced material analysis

Portasilo can design the most efficient bulk-handling systems for difficult, lesser known or unusual grades of material, we have an advanced test centre where material properties and characteristics can be analysed in scientific detail.

Understanding your material properties

Our laboratories give us a whole range of test capabilities for analysing your material, including:

  • Bulk density analysis – to determine the volume of material for a given weight
  • Shear cells tests – to determine the cohesive strength of a material so we can specify the minimum silo outlet size
  • Friction tests – to determine the friction between silo walls and the material so we can specify the optimum silo geometry and surface material
  • Sieve analysis – to determine the particle size distribution within the material
  • Equilibrium relative humidity – to determine the hygroscopic properties of the material so we can determine the optimum storage conditions to avoid caking
  • Thermo-gravimetric analysis – to measure the moisture content of the material

Even well-understood materials, such as titanium dioxide, come in a variety of grades, each of which has different properties. Some have a surface coating which aids conveying, while others are likely to smear and stick. Understanding the properties in detail helps us to specify the correct handling systems for each material. Following tests, we can produce a datasheet report for your specific material – and add it to our extensive database.

Test rig for full discharge and conveying trials

We have a full-scale test rig where we can trial your material in a range of storage, discharge and conveying scenarios. We can conduct full pneumatic conveying trials over a range of distances, enabling us to test both lean and dense-phase conveying mechanisms. Our test silos and dischargers also allow us to put your material through a variety of storage and discharge configurations to determine the optimum handling solution.


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We have experience of handling every type of biomass material, including wood pellets, dried sewage sludge, meat and bone meal, draff, chopped straw and charcoal.

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Chemical Sector


Bulk handling solutions for challenging and hazardous chemicals. Specific expertise in paint powders, sealants & adhesives, fertilisers, petrochemicals, plastics and rubbers.

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Nuclear Sector


The types of material we handle for this sector include iron oxide, magnetite, cement, pulverised fly ash, blast furnace slag and have particular expertise in encapsulation and grout handling.

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Construction Sector


For more than six decades, Portasilo has been designing and manufacturing robust, durable and versatile storage and handling systems for a wide range of building products for the construction, mining and quarrying industries.

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Food Sector


Specialists in optimising productivity and minimising waste, experience in supplying economical, ATEX-rated food handling systems. We can design systems to handle every type of foodstuff, from dusty granules to moist pelletised products.

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Water icon


Portasilo manufactures storage and handling systems for every dry bulk material used for water treatment, from hydrated lime and powder activated carbon (PAC) to polymers and soda ash.

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